Dear Younger Me

I posted this on Facebook last year reflecting on years past and thought it was relevant to share on here too, considering I just turned another year older.

“If I could go back to that beautifully broken 12 year old in these photos and give her a little pep talk, this is what I’d say:

‘Dear younger me,

You can’t make yourself a good Christian. This is something you must understand. No matter how much you read your Bible, pray, memorize Scripture, go to church, and do good things, you can’t make yourself worthy. Only Jesus, working in you through the Holy Spirit, can transform your character and make your work last eternally. That’s why the New Testament talks about the fruits of the spirit and walking by the spirit. You’re required to stay in tune to God’s voice throughout each day and let HIM lead your actions. When you do, you will BECOME a strong believer simply by walking in step with Him.

So freckled face, crooked teeth, bushy-browed twelve year old girl,

embrace your beauty!

This beauty that is not your own, but found in the One who created you and lives inside you. The one who is molding you day by day to be more like His beloved, perfect Son.

Nothing you can do wrong will make Him love you less, not anything you do right can cause Him to love you more.

His love for you is everlasting. Oh how I wish you could see this in yourself! Yes you make mistakes. But they do not define you. You are a sinner saved by grace-a power that is made perfect in weakness.

So boast about your flaws!

Those bushy brows and momentary crooked teeth.

Where you are weak, He is made strong.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the eyes of The Beholder of the universe thinks you’re pretty great…to the point of dying an excruciating death for you so you don’t have to. Now THAT is love!

So just have faith dear little one, faith in your Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a feeling, rather, a choice of rather rewarding value, for one day soon we will hear those beloved words “well done good and faithful one. Welcome to the place you belong.” And we will see our Savior face to face.

So you’re right in your feelings of not belonging.

This world is not your home.

But in the meantime, you are where you are for a reason, so let’s receive Christ’s love for you that was poured out on the Cross. You will see the fruits evident of His Spirit working in your life.

Now go love others in this kind of love. For

we love because He first loved us.

Oh how I wish I would have known better because I hadn’t yet learned what I knew now.

Today I forgive my younger self.

Your walk with the Lord is a continual journey, and oh so rewarding! So stop faking and just be you-the you He created you to be-crooked teeth, freckled face, bushy eyebrows and all!’”

Published by katelynfriesen

I am a unique individual, aren't we all? I mean, we are made in the image of God, after-all! (Genesis 1:27) In my free time, you can catch me drinking coffee and eating chocolate while simultaneously listening and screaming along to worship music, all while reading, writing, or creating art, or messing around in the kitchen. I am often found hanging out and working with people who have special needs and fighting for their inclusion in society. I am a TOTAL fashionista and can NEVER have too many clothes! (Or too many of anything, I am kind of a hoarder, thanks to Amazon!) Back to the main point of my life: I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ above all else, but I do have a sin problem as a result from The Fall (Genesis 3). Being born into a world full of suffering which I have not been exempt from, God continues to open my eyes more and more to His Beauty that transcends all things, making my love grow and deepen for Him each day. As I am putting my feet back on the ground again after years of being self-claimed "unlivable" by my many years of mental illness, I am becoming more and more aware of the struggles people go through and the emotions that come with it. I am so glad that faith is not a feeling, friends, and that God's Love for us is equal and eternal! All you have to do is repent of your sins, believe that the Bible is true and that Jesus died an excruciating death and rose again, creating a place for you to spend eternity with Him in Paradise, that His Spirit now lives inside you, guiding you along your life on earth and you will be saved. If you want to hear more about this wonderful Friend I have found in Jesus, please reach out to me or stick around for more. The Gospel story is woven throughout our daily lives and is something we need to fill our minds with daily. I'm not perfect at this, and won't be until I get to Heaven, but all of my life's day to day struggles, no matter how mundane, just become worth it, knowing how undeserving I am of such grace, mercy, and love by my Savior Jesus Christ has bestowed upon me. I live and always have lived in Crystal Lake IL, a NW suburb of Chicago, with my wonderful parents, and brother when he's home from college, and I will be here until God calls me elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me

  1. Love you Katelyn! You are an incredible, talented, beautiful young woman with a heart of Jesus.. You inspire me every time I read your posts. Thank you.

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  2. O thanks for sharing!!! We all have those past reflections of who we are and we who love Jesus get to see how lovely we are to him. Psalm 139 where David says how precious are your thoughts of me, they number more than the grains of sand. Have a wonderful day!

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